Cell-by-Cell Deconstruction of Stem Cell Niches

Tikhonova A.N. #, A. Lasry, R. Austin, and I. Aifantis#

Cell Stem Cell 27 (1): 19-34.


Single-cell sequencing approaches offer exploration of tissue architecture at unprecedented resolution. These tools are especially powerful when deconvoluting highly specialized microenvironments, such as stem cell (SC) niches. Here, we review single-cell studies that map the cellular and transcriptional makeup of stem and progenitor niches and discuss how these high-resolution analyses fundamentally advance our understanding of how niche factors shape SC biology and activity. In-depth characterization of the blueprint of SC-niche crosstalk, as well as understanding how it becomes dysregulated, will undoubtedly inform the development of more efficient therapies for malignancies and other pathologies.