Every process in our body is mediated by highly orchestrated cellular cross-talk. We are interested in understanding how the cellular dialog is established, maintained, and altered by stress. Our research program is bridging rigorous genomic studies of the bone marrow niche with clinical outcomes to devise rational and targeted therapies via the following three directions:


Stress-mediated Bone Marrow Niche remodeling
Leukemic Niche
In and Out of the Bone


Treatment response in AML—clues in the biopsy core

Alicia G. Aguilar Navarro and Anastasia N. Tikhonova

Avoiding fratricide: a T-ALL order

Mark Gower, Anastasia N. Tikhonova

Stem cells pack some chillis for the road

Anastasia N. Tikhonova & Iannis Aifantis


Huge congrats to Alicia for receiving PM postdoctoral fellowship to study leukemia-mediated remodelling of the bone marrow niche!🥳 Funds are provided by the Next Generation Research Fellowship Fund.